Travelling With Mr Turner

The classic road trip now available on Kindle

"Educating, entertaining, humbling, heroic and uplifing"

The Daily Telegraph

"...Mr Turner enjoyed in quick succession, racing at Brooklands, a night in a police cell and a job in the motorcycle industry before acquiring a very pretty wife. It was 1929 and Mr Turner was twenty eight. In the same way that today's bright young things go to the city to seek their fortunes, then they went to Coventry. Amazing but true." From Travelling With Mr Turner

"An absolutely lovely book - beautifully written, whimsical and with just the right touch of nostalgia" 100% Biker

"All three riders were weighed, the oil and petrol levels had been checked...The engines were started and moments later the convoy swept through Triumph's famous factory gates. The Gaffers Gallop had begun". From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Reading the book one could feel something of his spirit" Jane Meadows, Edward Turner's daughter.

"There through the swing doors was the foyer in which the gaffers and their entourage had assembled on the morning of Wednesday the 5th of October 1953...the echo of Mr Turner that had once dissipated up there under the high cieling was long gone". From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Winter has a most erudite style that is both witty, satirical, sometimes self deprecating and always thought provoking" The Classic MotorCycle.

"...mile after mile of long unyielding Roman road, running on little more than a whiff of petrol subjecting the rider to a gentle but reassuring tremble through the handlebars." From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Filmed at the same time as the Gaffers Gallop, the movie was immediately banned in the UK whish only added to it's kudos" From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Riding in their customary perfect formation the Gaffers pulled off the Great North Road and leant into the wide roundabout at the famous Scotch Corner". From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Something called Rock 'n' Roll was on it's way and would bring a primordial jungle beat that made the blood course through young motorcyclists viens and be held responsible for a surge in delinquency". From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Of the thirty six speed records that Triumph then held, twenty four of them came out of Jack Wilson's workshop and that is why there is a little corner of Meriden that is forever Texas." From Travelling With Mr Turner.

"Winter is a good story-teller, writing with detail, wit and self deprecating humour, and the book is peppered with classic quotes that elevate the tale". RealClassic Magazine.

"Read it". Old Bike Mart.

"Mr Winter's pleasant narrative style soon draws you in..." Best Of British Magazine.

"...I had anticipated that at this point in time I would briefly catch a glimpse of an approving Mr Turner peering at me through the window. But the windows were white-washed. And then the wind blew the tripod over which promptly triggered an upside down photograph of a car park badly in need of maintenance." From Travelling With Mr Turner.